Record Filing & Retrieval

Insight supplies each of our customers with unique barcode labels to identify and track their records.  Our dynamic inventory system allows us to imediately locate any item in our care, and provide a lifelong history for each item. 
A simple request for retrieval will set our team into action.  We will retrieve the item that you need and deliver it to your doostep quickly and securely.  Each item will have a traceability and for accurate re-filing when it returns to our facility. 
RS-SQL, linked with our portable electronic scanning devices, allows for complete point-to-point tracking of your electronic media and documents.  We can virtually track and record the activity, movement and status of any item throughout its lifetime. Every step of the way is tracked with an electronic scanning device and communicated to our main database. We can record the date and time each action occurred and determine an item’s status at any given time. Barcode Technology insures precise and accurate Inventory control. Electronic Scanning tracks each item and relays the information to a database for up to the minute status reports.